iOS solution is getting there!

Alexandra, iOS solution Update always sheltered, but never keeps still. We spent the whole month of June moving from one place to another, with our Marketing Department mainly visiting the German markets, and our Technical and Research Departments continuing to improve our product, mainly working on the iOS version. Now, we are back with a brand new iOS solution update!


In San Jose we met with the In-Location Alliance members – and other big players such as Samsung Mobile, Cisco CSR, Intel, Qualcomm and Broadcom, among others – are now more than familiar with Furthermore, two hot topics on the ‪Indoor Technology‬ field were discussed: ‪Bluetooth‬, and how to reduce or remove the need for survey, or as we call it, ‪measuring‬.

This takes us to our significantly improved iOS solution, which we got to try out in Westfield Valleyfair mall with such a positive outcome that we decided to record it in order to show you:

Looking VERY promising!