Announces Technology Partnership with Beacons

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For immediate Release Announces Support for Apple’s iBeacon and Technology Partnership with Beacon Maker
Vienna, Austria – 26 March –, the technology leader in indoor localization and navigation, has introduced iBeacon support for its indoor localization Software Development Kit (SDK). Joining efforts with technology partner, the companies will provide affordable, flexible and easy-to- install set of tools to enable innovative location-based solutions.

iBeacon technology was introduced by Apple to give developers a framework to create location aware apps using Bluetooth beacons that interact with mobile devices. The technology offers an immense number of possibilities for exploiting location information and engaging more actively with customers.

“Given the rising popularity of iBeacon, supporting the technology is a strategic step for us. It will make more affordable and accessible”

comments Bernd Gruber, COO, offers a flexible and accurate real-time localization software for use in indoor venues where GPS signals are not able to reach. Used in tandem with the Bluetooth iBeacons from,’ SDK provides a well-rounded framework for innovative positioning, navigation and engagement solutions for airports, shopping malls, hospitals, museums and enterprises.

Although iBeacon is a very powerful hyper-local marketing tool for retailers, wants to go beyond retail, with features like real-time accurate localization, way-finding, routing, asset tracking and analytics, to give developers the ability to create innovative location-based solutions for any industry including aviation, manufacturing or emergency services.

“We want to go beyond POS solutions and give developers the opportunity to use real-time positioning for reaching the limits of their imagination on all the services and products they could create using location data”

comments Hannes Stiebitzhofer, CEO.

The partnership with is a strategic step for to make the technology more accessible and affordable.

“’s beacons are small, cost-effective and customizable, attributes that significantly benefits our customers. The partnership fits in with our vision to deploy on any device, anywhere in the world”

Bernd Gruber, COO of is a micro-location and proximity-computing technology provider based in the United States and Europe. The company originally pioneered iBeacon technology to help the visually impaired navigate public spaces, and is today making some of the most technologically advanced iBeacons on the market.

“With, we are mating remarkable software with fantastic hardware to propel iBeacon innovation to its optimum. iBeacon technology is so much more than coupons and advertising and the team at understands that,together, we are creating a new reality that enables effortless interaction between our mobile devices and all the wonderful things in the world. We hope that our work will enrich people’s lives, and we consider it a true privilege to be part of this new technological movement.”

says Szymon Niemczura, CEO of will be showcasing its technology with focus on the new iBeacon support during the Mobile National Days in Munich on April 2, 2014. For more information, visit the workshops website:


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