Learnings from Geo IoT World 2017

Silvia Pichler, 

Geo IoT 2017

Last week, June 6-8, we attended the Geo IoT World Conference, held in Brussels. It’s an Indoor Location event where solution providers, data and analytics experts and network providers gather to share their latest product updates and industry insights.

“Geo IOT is THE opportunity to meet all the relevant players of the Indoor Location industry, exchange market development insights, learn about new technology and technical advancements and even go hands-on and test them at the conference.” – Ronald Berger, indoo.rs CTO

Due to our role as a leading solution provider, our CEO, Rainer Wolfsberger, was invited to hold a presentation on our Indoor Positioning solutions; Indoor Navigation, Asset Tracking and Analytics, real-life projects and an industry outlook with SLAM. Other talks came from Bruce Krulwich (Grizzly Analytics), Malik Saadi (ABI Research) and others, giving insights on market perspectives and outlooks.

In the light of recent events in the industry, with Apple adding Indoor Maps to the upcoming iOS 11 update and Microsoft introducing Path Guide, the common understanding was that differentiating from these mainstream solutions is key. We have seen this coming and made professional enterprise solutions our priority, a long time ago.

“Looking at where the indoor industry is going, our enterprise focus strategy has proven to be the right decision at the right time.“ – Rainer Wolfsberger, indoo.rs CEO

Another learning from the event is that retail is not the main vertical you want to target anymore. The industry has undergone a shift towards asset tracking and data, which are particularly appealing to airports and hospitals. Use cases in these fields range from PRM (Passengers with reduced mobility) management to high-value asset tracking, which help optimize workflows and prevent inventory theft or loss.


indoo.rs Head of Development, Thomas Taschauer, at the booth, feeding other participants with information on our solutions and technology.

“Geo IOT World allowed us to gather hands-on experience with other players of the Indoor Positioning market, share knowledge and get to know each other. It was great to show interested attendees how indoo.rs can help them make their business more efficient.” – Thomas Taschauer, indoo.rs Head of Development

Contributing to the advancement of Indoor Positioning industry, our SLAM technology plays a big role and generated many participants’ interest. Our CEO was interviewed on SLAM and how companies can put it to use effectively. The key here is also to bring a real Return on Investment by facilitating processes and making them more time and cost-efficient.

Watch the full interview:

Key Learnings:

  • Enterprise solutions are the way to go
  • Shift from retail to airports and hospitals
  • SLAM technology to take on a groundbreaking role in the industry


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