Live Webinar: Lee Health’s Digital Transformation

Silvia Pichler, 


Hospitals and other healthcare institutions are beginning to respond to the increasing challenges they are facing in this day and age. With patient satisfaction being front and center of the healthcare industry, hospitals are eager to keep up and meet patients’ demands and provide them with the level of comfort they have come to expect.  


Lee Health, the leading healthcare provider in Southwest Florida has digitalized on a grand scale, employing an indoor positioning and wayfinding system. This mobile solution helps alleviate the burden of navigating a complex building and acts as a substitute for staff having to give directions, thus helping them focus on core tasks.


Listen to Lee Health’s Senior Business Systems Analyst, Jonathan Witenko, and lead Software Developer, Zac Masinelli as they walk us through the whole project, from the initial idea to implementation and the resulting outcome


During this session, we will discuss:

  • How you can create an environment that is both situationally aware and patient-centric
  • How you can leverage indoor mapping and positioning to reduce stress and help visitors and staff better navigate your facilities
  • What you can expect throughout your journey from the perspective of a healthcare professional
  • Considerations for short and long-term success – looking forward


Live Webinar:

Navigating a Better Patient Experience – Lee Health’s Digital Transformation

January 22, 11AM PT/ 2PM ET/ 8PM CET

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