Live Webinar: The Campus of the Future

Silvia Pichler, 


University life comes with a number of challenges students are not prepared for. Starting into a new life in a new city, not knowing anyone and taking your life into your own hands can be quite overwhelming. Adjusting to campus life is another aspect that comes with its own challenges.


University campuses are no longer just an alignment of auditoriums, but have turned into what can be called a micro-smart city. Dormitories, restaurants, supermarkets, fitness studios and many other amenities at campus bridge work with leisure time.


Although such an extensive offering is really valuable and caters to many of your everyday needs, it may also be extremely difficult to find your way around, especially as a first-year student.


Moreover, today’s Gen Y and Z students are tech savvy and expect a certain level of technology assistance in every part of their lives. Enabling wayfinding and in particular Indoor Navigation at your campus provides them with the level of convenience they are seeking and helps you rank higher on their list of preferred universities.


Join our webinar to learn more about:

  • What areas Indoor Positioning and Navigation can be leveraged in on campus
  • How it can improve the experience at your campus
  • Universities who have already implemented the solution at their campuses


Live Webinar: The Campus of the Future

– Mobile Wayfinding in the Next Wave of Digitalization

November 8, 3 pm CET


Presented by:


         Joe Hennessy                             Caroline Hennig
Solution Sales Manager                     Partner Manager


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