LowViz Guide from MD Support

Goal of the project:

Building on the successful project with SFO, MD Support, contacted indoo.rs® to create a white label app for the visually impaired community called LowViz Guide. MD Support is a community that “offers free information and personal assistance for people dealing with macular degeneration and similar retinal diseases. ”The LowViz guide offers an audio guide to help visually impaired people to navigate around large meeting venues, such as conferences etc. The LowViz guide app can be used at any event as it is not tied to just one location, this means it can be used anywhere to increase the visually impaired attendee’s experience.

“The value of LowViz Guide to the visually impaired community has far surpassed our expectations. We look forward to introducing it to many more people across the country and also watching it become a model for future development of indoor wayfinding technology.”

To add visually impaired navigation to your event, please contact MD Support directly

LowViz Guide Demo

Dan Roberts, MD Support Director, doing a demo of the App


LowViz Guide app
If you are interested in trying the LowViz guide out then just follow the step-by-step guide


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“Beginning in 2015, conference attendees will be able to more easily navigate meeting venues without depending upon sighted human guides…” – Low Vision Resources Center
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“LowViz Guide is unique, so you won’t find it duplicated anywhere else.” – GeoConnexion
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“Any blind person who travels knows well the frustration and time that can go into figuring out the layout of an enormous hotel or other conference venue. The idea that we, as blind people, might now have an opportunity to show sighted participants the way to the exhibits is more than a little exhilarating.” – AFB Access World Magazine
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Update: Demo for Visually Impaired solution