Meet the Team-Intern Edition Vol. 2

Nick Stein, 

Meet the Team

We love talking about our team and though our interns are only with us for a short period of time, they are like family to us. That is why we love to give them the chance to describe what they have been doing here, and in their own words.

Quick introduction: Tell us about yourself.

I am Agnese Sacchi,
I come from Milan, Italy, I finished a scientific high school last year and I decided to come to Vienna to learn German for one year. Here in Vienna apart from studying the language I am taking an internship at and a waltz dance course. I love to travel and to learn about other countries, for this reason two years ago I went to Argentina with an exchange program. My plans for the following years is to study Physics and possibly to travel a lot.

Give a brief summary of your project

During my internship at my project consisted in characterizing beacons to find out good configuration.

What was the goal?

The goal was to optimize the setups for beacon installations

What was a typical day at like?

I mostly took measurements, learnt how to measure and what type of measurements are there. With each set of measurements I aimed to learn more about one or more variables (height, location, battery position…).
I also worked on plotting and analyzing the charts made with the data I collected, this way, and after having explained some of the math and equations behind it, I gained a good understanding of my job.
Working with research team I had the opportunity to be in a friendly and supportive environment where I gained knowledge on beacons and their characteristics, and basic programming knowledge.

Which steps did you take?

Very soon I became familiar with the fingerprint measurements, I took many measurements around the office and was able to see through the charts how the signal of each individual beacon spread through the office and roughly how the environment (such as walls, doors, windows…) had an effect on it.

What did you learn during the internship?

One of the variables I took in consideration while measuring are the power levels. In this chart the RSSI of a beacon at seven different power levels is compared.
At higher power level the RSSI is stronger and with a longer range, in fact at lower power levels the signal disappears after a few meters (at 2m for power level 1 and 2, at 6m for power levels 3 and 4 and at 8m for power level 5).

Text written by Agnese
Photo by Max

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