Meet the Team-Intern Edition

Nick Stein, 

Meet the team

This is a new section of the blog to help our customers get to know the people that are helping them deliver such fantastic solutions to their users.

Research Intern

Paula, or Pau as she preferes to be known, is the first brave person to get the “Meet the Team” treatment.
Pau was an intern with us for the last month, working with the research team.

Quick introduction: Tell us about yourself.

My name is Paula Mayerhofer. I’m 18 years old. I was an intern at for a month long placement and will be finishing school next year.

What was a typical day at like?

Work started between 9 and 10. My project was working to make the door-finder better or at the first few days I was trying to get everything running. At about 12 the research team would all go for lunch together, mainly we would eat outside in a park as it has been such nice weather. After coming back from lunch, I would finished the tasks. My day would end by discussed with Thomas, what I have to do next, if there were improvements to be made or if I should move onto the next task.

Programming was a little bit like in school. I would get a task to complete, I don’t know how to do it, I try to figure it out and it doesn’t work as expected. I look up in the internet how to do it or ask someone. After redoing it Thomas would look over it again and check it. This was the common work flow and Thomas and the rest of the team supported me throughout the entire internship to help me deliver the results.

On a few days, I went to the DonauCenter to take some recordings. I would start at about 8am and the task was to go in and out the doors many times. When I came home again, I uploaded them and added them to a list. It must have looked funny to the rest of the people there.

Graphic map with outline extracted from open streetmap, dots are GPS data from many recordings
Graphic map with outline extracted from open streetmap, dots are GPS data from many recordings


What did you learn during the internship?

Most of the python programming I know, I learned at the internship. I learned how to structure code, so other would also understand what I did. I also learned how to use matplotlib.
I learned how to make the recordings and how to make a map for the recordings.
I learned some new words in English, something about Chinese food and few things about Hearthstone from Marko.

Give a brief summary of your project
What was the goal?

The goal was to make an algorithm to find doors of a building

What tools did you use?

I used MMT (an measurement tool) to make maps. I used the mobile toolkit for recording. For programming I used PyCharm. Here are some more graphical illustrations of the project

Heatmap showing the entrance points of the building
Heatmap showing the entrance points of the building


Found doorways, because of low gps quality two doors get merged into one
Found doorways, because of low gps quality two doors get merged into one


Which steps did you take?

It was a multi step process that lead to getting the results necessary

  • First of all I had to plot the building. I used data from OpenStreetMap.
  • Then I plotted all the recordings in the same plot with the building.
  • Then I plotted the accuracy of each recording and looked at the points, where I entered or left the building.
  • Then I made a function, which calculates, if I’m outside or inside. When it changes from outside to inside or the other way round, there has to be a door. So I collected these points.
    These points are used for the calculation, where the doors are.

Did it work?

Yes. Actually, I am very proud of the work and greatful for the support from the whole research team who helped get these results.

Was it fun? Would you do it again?

Yes, it was fun. I would do it again, but next year is my last year at school, so I can’t come as an intern in my holidays from school anymore.