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Silvia Pichler, 

Wherecamp Berlin 2017

Wherecamp Berlin is a conference dedicated to positioning and location, bringing together industry leaders, geo-experts, developers and location technology enthusiasts. The event is open for everyone interested to participate and actively contribute to the discussion.

After last year’s talk about SLAM, we’re back again at this year’s event with another exciting presentation on novel possibilities in the RTLS (real time location system) space, including crowd learning and big data.

With the emergence of new standards for mobile sensors and their increased availability, until now unexplored opportunities of generating high quality Indoor Localization data are coming within reach.

Learn how crowd-sourced big data merged with building information data can be utilized to predict human actions in indoor environments from Dr. Thomas Burgess, CRO at He is going to present his findings on “Big data for indoor crowd mobility”, providing you with exclusive insights into the subject.

Dr. Thomas Burgess
“Big data for indoor crowd mobility”
01:20 PM, Track2-H20xx

Where: TU Berlin
When: November 30th 2017

Definitely join the event and if you want to have a chat with Thomas, make sure to arrange a meeting early enough so there’s enough time to fully exploit this opportunity

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Also, if you can’t make it to the event, but want to get more information on “Big data for indoor crowd mobility”, get in touch to receive a copy of the presentation in your inbox.


About Wherecamp:
WhereCamp Berlin is a spin-off of WhereCamp EU which has attracted many supporters and WhereCamp Berlin has officially been incorporated and turned into an association in 2016.
The conference is set up in a dynamic environment, encouraging all participants to engage in the discussion about the current challenges in the Positioning universe. For instance, what is the must-have hardware we will need in the future to navigate? Which customer expectations and business needs will continue to evolve? And what role will Indoor Navigation play in the years ahead?


Some impressions from the Conference:


GeoIT president, Prof. Wagner, opening the conference


Galileo presentation