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Indoor positioning gains an edge with Micello maps integration into indoo.rs platform
Micello maps integration into indoo.rs platform boosts indoor positioning

VIENNA, AUSTRIA: Micello is working with indoo.rs to offer a fast way to import indoor maps for use within the indoo.rs suite of SDKs.

Micello, Inc. the leading global provider of indoor maps has partnered with indoo.rs, a technology research and development company specializing in indoor localization.

indoo.rs has succesfully completed an integration which makes it easy for venue owners to import Micello maps into the indoo.rs platform and suite of SDKs. This enables venue owners to quickly deploy an indoor positioning service at their venue to help visitors discover and navigate their environment. With the newly developed importer, it only takes a few clicks for the venue owner to import Micello maps into the indoo.rs tools and to provide beautiful and user-friendly map experience to their mobile app users.

“Micello’s maps are highly accurate, visually impressive and easy to customize. We share Micello’s vision of providing indoor solutions around the world. This integration offers both our customers an opportunity to deploy indoor positioning at their venues with Micello’s best-in-class maps.”

remarks Rainer Wolfsberger, indoo.rs CEO

“We are excited about the successful integration of Micello maps with the Indoo.rs tools and technology. Micello and indoo.rs have been working together for several years and this integration makes it even easier for venue owners to adopt the indoo.rs platform.”

said Ankit Agarwal, CEO of Micello.

To start using the importer go to http://indoo.rs/static/micello-import.html

About Micello, Inc.

Micello is a worldwide leader providing indoor maps and navigation data. Micello’s products include a global maps database, developer platform and SDKs, and a marketplace of integrated solutions. In the last few years, Micello has generated indoor maps for over 25,000 venues around the world. Micello is headquartered in Santa Clara, California with operating offices in Ahmedabad, India and Tokyo, Japan. To learn more about Micello, please visit www.micello.com.