Mobile Wayfinding for Hospitality Resorts

Silvia Pichler, 

The importance of a Mobile Wayfinding app

Mobile wayfinding is the easiest way to help you find your way around a confusing and busy environment. Visits to hospitals and train stations, for example, can often be confusing, so having a digital navigator can help reduce stress and save time.


The importance of wayfinding isn’t just limited to train stations and hospitals, however. If you’re thinking a little bit outside the box, you will find that it can also be extended to many other new areas such as casinos, theme parks, and resorts.


It helps explorers find points of interest with ease, spend their time doing things they really care to do and thus allows them to enjoy their stay even more.

Facility owners can rely on mobile wayfinding to improve their performance and efficiencies.


Digital assistance throughout the whole stay at the resort, theme park or casino is something most people have really come to value. So in order to optimize customer satisfaction, a mobile app allowing users to make the most of their stay is a wise choice.


Moreover, in times where one bad online review can already have negative impacts on your reputation and business, it is all the more important to stay ahead of the game and provide guests with stand out solutions to enhance their comfort during their stay. This works both ways, providing them with a superior experience may add to encourage them to recommend your venue and services.

mobile wayfinding for hospitality resortsCustomer ratings can either make or break your business

It is not just the visitors that benefit, anonymised analytical positioning data provides facility managers with valuable insights into motion patterns, dwell times, frequencies and visualizations. These data can help them optimize their venue layouts, campaigns and general offerings.


Reasons Why Investors in Hospitality Brands Should Use Mobile Wayfinding

Travel and hospitality sectors will find mobile wayfinding a must invest in technology if they want to leverage their investment in 2018. In fact, most of them are already upgrading their mobile apps by incorporating wayfinding technology to improve their service delivery.


Notice that the hospitality industry has greatly benefited from digital transformation. Adding indoor mobile wayfinding to their existing apps is one of the ways that can help move their businesses to the next level.


Ways Hospitality Brands Can Benefit From Mobile Wayfinding

Personalizing navigation experience– nowadays, people rely almost exclusively on smartphone apps to navigate when traveling. Indoor mobile wayfinding allows the app user to also find their way indoors or around the property just as easily. It tells users their current location on the facility map in the app and lets them navigate directly to all points of interest, in real time


Helping guests– mobile wayfinding helps guests to easily locate and find specific locations, e.g. their rooms, the next convenience stand or the best route to the next attraction. It reduces frustration and increases convenience levels and thus also enjoyment substantially. Other than being used to help people find their way around, mobile wayfinding can also help users find family members or friends on the property via location sharing. 


Facilitates access to information – All points of interest on the map can be tapped to reveal further details on the amenity, e.g. operating hours of a specific roller coaster and average waiting times etc.


Big Data– Last but not least, as mentioned before, analytical data and asset tracking can be leveraged for managers to monitor movements.  Gathering behavioral data allows them to improve employees’ workflows and business efficiencies.


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