Mobile Wayfinding inside Kaleida Health Hospitals

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Indoor Navigation with our customer Kaleida Health

Kaleida Health is the largest healthcare provider in Western New York, serving a total of eight counties in this region. recently equipped five of their hospital buildings with an Indoor Navigation system to help patients and visitors find their way around independently.

Why Indoor Navigation is needed at hospitals

Big and complex hospital buildings are often a confusing maze and don’t provide sufficient information on directions, resulting in patients and visitors asking staff for help or being late for appointments.

Physical signage may be sparse and use terms not every patient is familiar with. Moreover, making changes to the signs is quite expensive and they can’t be put into multiple languages the way an app can.

This not only makes for a bad patient experience, but also keeps personnel from working on their core tasks, thus wasting wages. A practice every hospital will definitely want to avoid.

Similar to signage, inventory management is often lacking, resulting in high-value assets, such as wheelchairs, being lost or stolen. Nurses are known to sometimes even hide equipment in certain locations, so they will find it immediately when they need it.
This leads to unclear asset allocations and creates inefficiencies of workflows within the whole team.

A smart Asset Tracking solution can provide staff with an overview of real-time positions of equipment as well as its availability status, thus facilitating finding assets as well as optimizing their utilization.

“We need an app”

In their effort to make their patients’ stay at the hospital as smooth and comfortable as possible, Kaleida Health decided to take a more sophisticated approach towards wayfinding.

According to Brian DeCicco from Kaleida Health, after having tested alternatives such as “homegrown” kiosk systems, and realizing that personnel still had to step in to assist, it soon became evident that an easy-to-use mobile solution was what they really needed.

After the initial implementation of’ Indoor Navigation system inside the Conventus Building, four more buildings soon followed. Indoor Mobile Wayfinding is installed inside these facilities:

  • Conventus Building
  • Oishei Children’s Hospital
  • Buffalo General Medical Center
  • Gates Vascular Institute
  • Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital

All in all, around 2,700 iBeacons were deployed throughout these buildings, on 24 floors.

Indoor Mobile Wayfinding now – what comes next?

The primary driving force behind healthcare innovation and digital health is patient satisfaction. By providing Indoor Navigation via mobile app, Kaleida Health established a comfort level for their patients that was just not feasible before, while optimizing resource utilization by allowing personnel to focus on their core tasks.

Moving forward, Kaleida Health is planning to develop another app, building on the foundation of the current Indoor Navigation installation. Some of the hottest features discussed for the extension are Asset Tracking and location-based messaging. These will help keep track of all equipment, prevent theft and reduce waiting times or down times, increasing efficiencies and ultimately financial ROI.

Furthermore, the technology shall be used to improve audit and maintenance procedures. Upon detection of physical deficiencies, the person in charge can simply mark the position on the map inside the app, allowing others to easily pinpoint the location and fix them.

About MyKaleida app

The MyKaleida app is available for Android and iOS and allows users to plan their whole visit around it. From managing appointments to finding your way inside the healthcare facilities, ER wait times and paying the bill, everything can be managed via the app.


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Mobile Wayfinding for Kaleida Health 2

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Using the wayfinding feature, users will see their position on the map in real-time. Selecting specific Points of Interest (POI), e.g. their treatment room, they are able to directly navigate there independently and without delay.

“Having Indoor Navigation in our hospitals has really made a huge difference. Our patients are walking in and, consulting their phone, instantly know where to go. Moving forward, with this fantastic installation already in place, we are looking to leverage it for other exciting use cases such as Asset Tracking.” – Brian DeCicco, Senior Technical Specialist and Web & Mobile Developer at Kaleida Health

Kaleida Health won the Most Wired Innovator Award for the app from the American Hospital Association and Hospitals & Health Networks.

Mobile Wayfinding for Kaleida Health award


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