Modern Facility Management uses Indoor Navigation

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Indoor Navigation makes Facility Management easier

The advancement of technology is making it easier to access geolocation data, this makes modern facility management faster and more reliable.

So, the cleaners have done their job, checked each room, made the round for the day and returned to the office. But is it possible to prove with certainty that they have thoroughly performed each task? Can you gather evidence to show that they have carefully completed their duty without spending a lot of time in aggregating data?


Modern Facility Management

It is important to get your hands on reliable data which defines how much time each employee has spent on cleaning the space as poor monitoring can lead to a bunch of problems. It can lead to uncleaned spaces, poorly maintained facilities and under used staff.

Managing a facility is all about efficient resource planning and optimizing processes to have everything running smoothly.

There are two main reasons why modern facility management companies choose to invest in indoor navigation tracking systems.

  •    There is no visibility on how many hours a cleaner has worked,
  •    It is not possible to determine the areas which have been serviced by the cleaner


While the traditional facility management requires a lot of paperwork, the modern solutions are using technology to make it easier for facility workers to complete their job and keep track of the number of hours they have worked for. The main purpose of using technology is to reduce the amount of time a worker spends on recording information. So, when your job is cleaning or maintenance, nothing else should be occupying your time.

Modern Faciltiy management is going digital
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There are a few digital solutions for facility management tracking all with a varying degree of effectiveness:

  •    Barcodes
  •    Bluetooth
  •    QR
  •    Indoor positioning


While they are a different form of communication, one thing is common between them – geolocation.


Data Proximity

There are plenty of reasons why digital solutions are beating the traditional methods including the fact that the data generated by digital solutions are reliable. Rather than guessing the time a cleaner has spent cleaning the room or struggling to verify whether your team has visited a specific location, digital records in the form of timestamps can give you instant access to everything.

For true automation, there is only one option


Indoor positioning

Many businesses are using indoor positioning platforms as it makes it easy to find a location.  It will make sure your employees never get lost in a new facility. This helps ease the onboarding period for new employees, turning them instantly into an asset for your company.

So when a cleaner enters a new space, the app on their smart phone will detect the beacon and give them an instant location awareness, while making it easier for them to start their work right away. As the data cannot be fake, this will help the employers to show their employees the proof of work with absolute certainty, whenever the need arises.


All easier with Indoor Navigation

The Facility management team can have a great overview of how the entire building is operating and see who from their team is currently available for a task assignment. Whether it is an elevator that needs repair, a meeting room to be set up or an area needs to be cleaned, the nearest available member of staff can be sent to handle the situation.

Modern Facility management will be increasingly automated
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