Movember-The Experience

Nick Stein, 

‘Tash today, Gone Tomorrow

November is a long month, especially when your upper lip keeps tickling your lower lip every minute of every day. The first and last weeks were the hardest.

Naming and Shaming

No matter how good our indoor location and indoor positioning solutions are, there was no locating a mustache on Nick, he told us about his shaving mistake last time. He has now said that it would have decreased the productivity of the whole company for the month of November as everyone would have been laughing too much.

Bernd remained on the sidelines.

The big surprise was Jasenko, the issue it seems is that it suited him too much and that was not something he has considered at the beginning, so he dropped out in the third week. We foresee that he will be one of those older guys that you could not imagine without one later in life. A 40 year old Jasenko is only foreseeable with a mustache.

Burak was with us to the end but just not available for the photo, so he can hold his head high.

Last minute mustacher

We had a late entry to the 2015 mustache race, Markus. Though he might have entered late, the photos will show you that he put in a full effort.

The final photos

Our regular photographer was on away so they are not to the usual standard, sorry.