mPOS Hackathon Review: Queuing is so 2013

Florian Freitag, 

mPOS Hackathon recap

Our first mPOS Hackathon took place during this year’s MPE – Europe’s largest payment conference. Together with payworks, hosted this event to open up a world of exciting opportunities for the future of the Point of Sale. While payment experts and executives were attending panel discussions and speeches at the main stage of the conference, more than 20 developers and designers gathered in a separate room to hack the PoS.

We had the contestants work in small teams and gave them 24h to prove that innovation can be achieved in very limited time, if you have the right technology as basis. So both and payworks provided the teams with their SDKs, platform APIs and hardware to fulfill their task.

Throughout the night there were some serious programming and designing going on – and the results were stunning prototypes. The teams and solutions were:

Team “Polontech” presented a mPOS solution with integrated global loyalty program and indoor location. They developed an app which allows you to enter a venue like a shopping mall and with just five clicks find e.g. the next Starbucks and buy a coffee.

Team “PaySEPA” introduced a smart way to bill or pay invoices by scanning a QR code with a Google Glass.

Team “Self-Checkout” provided a clever self-checkout solution for customers of local retailers. With the developed App the customer can scan a barcode, receive more information about the product and check out himself by paying via the app.

Team “Customind” presenting a way to empower retail shops to use the data mining capabilities of e-commerce. Via indoor navigation the merchant can recognize how long a customer stands in front of a product and therefore customize the service and send a sales assistant if necessary.

Team “Pocket Bitcoin ATM” introduced a portable Bitcoin ATM with an Android phone and a Miura Shuttle Chip&PIN card reader.

mpos hackathon3

Team “Self-Checkout” and Team “Pocket Bitcoin ATM” are the two winning teams and were chosen by both the audience and the jury consisting of: Johannes Lechner, payworks Head of Product, Bernd Gruber, COO of, André M. Bajorat, well-known blogger and Co-founder of figo and Andrew Veitch, Director at Anthemis Group.

At this point we want to thank our sponsors PAY.ON, the Anthemis Group and Life.SREDA for their support and nice prices for the winners.