Mobile World Congress 2017 in review

Nick Stein, 

MWC 2017 recap

Mobile World Congress last year surpassed the 100,000 visitor mark and this year just from the general feel, seems to have been a lot more. As soon as we have the official number, it will be updated here.

Last year, every other stand was talking about IoT and where the future was going, this changed to almost every single stand having something to do with IoT or M2M.

This year also proved to be the moment where the booth visitors were 100% understanding what good and profitable use cases are for Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation. The announcement that is made every year that this is the year that this industry explodes feels finally to be the case, especially in certain fields.

Day 1:

This year we were invited to be part of the digital retail tour allowing us to present our work in this field.
As always there was great excitement and a mad rush to get the finishing touches together for the booth and set up everything for the visitors.
Lots of visitors from other companies working in the same field enabling us to share knowledge and expertise that we had gained over the past year stopped by our booth . A great way to start off the Congress.

Mobile_World_Congress_2017 audience mobile world congress 2017 booth

CEO Rainer Wolfsberger presenting solutions to an interested crowd

Day 2:

Started with another tour. Actually, it started with a coffee. We had lots of meetings with partners, potential customers and with journalists throughout the day. It ended with a nice beer with our booth neighbors, the Swiss Pavilion

Day 3:

The final tours were really engaging and there were a lot of very interesting people stopping by the booth, that includes, always great to catch up.
But this is the day that we all scheduled in a bit of time to walk around and see what are the big things. Drone heaven would be one way to describe it. 5G was huge last year but massive this year, as was M2M. See the “what you missed section” to find out what our Head of Marketing did.

mobile world congress 2017 retail tour 1 Mobile_World_Congress_2017 IBM

Day 4:

This is generally the more relaxed day, that means it tends to be the better day for us to get into much more in depth talks and that includes a few great interviews.
It was our pleasure to be a part of the Advantage Austria Booth again this year as they are fantastic hosts.

What you missed at Mobile World Congress

As always, we had a very busy MWC, so getting to see all new releases and fun cool ideas doesn’t happen as much as our team would like.
Saying that, the Head of Sales got to have an out-of-this-world experience on a VR rollercoaster and the Head of Marketing was able to break a VR shopping experience, he did apologize.
So the things you missed were two people looking out of place on VR machines, other than that, here are some links to real highlights

Bloomberg Tech

Mobile_World_Congress_2017 exhibit
Mobile_World_Congress_2017 tunnel


AR/VR, IoT, M2M were the big things this year. As is either directly or indirectly involved in all of these areas, it was an exceptionally interesting show. The talks and the out-of-the-blue booth visits really were of a high quality allowing us to make some very significant contacts.
With our Retail tour we are looking forward to some very interesting prospects over the next 12 months.
Also, there were Drones everywhere!

Of course we will see you at #MWC18!

mobile world congress 2017 selfie