Navigation and Augmented Reality in Qatar


AR Navigaiton for OOredoo cutting-edge technology has empowered Ooredoo, biggest phone operator in Qatar, a power player and top financial centre in the Middle East, to showcase a special Augmented Reality Navigation technology at the 4th annual Civil Defence Exhibition and Conference at the Qatar National Convention Center.

Together with our AR partner Wikitude, we delivered a revolutionary solution to Ooredoo, enabling the company to bring to its customers the future via an AR wearable display technology. The innovative solution comprised various components, among which a navigator app and a panic button and rescue app powered by technology. To ensure the accuracy of the solution inside buildings, our technology came to the rescue, as Wikitude explains: “When it comes to life and death situations, there’s no room for error, and certainly not for a poor signal when using location coordinates. To overcome this obstacle, we utilized indoor positioning technology provided by our sister company at, and guided the first responder to the distress signal.”

qatar app

The idea of the Panic Button and Rescue App is that it would guide a firefighter to a victim. The showcase at event enabled fair visitors to slip into the role of the “victim” by downloading an app from the store. By pressing the “panic button” in the app they were able to send the location information to the AR glasses. At the same time “the rescuer” with the AR glasses would navigate from Ooredoo’s booth to the “victim”. Besides providing links and information about the wide range of exhibitors, the Navigation App, also based on positioning technology and routing features, shows visitors at the event their location and the quickest route to their desired destination. The solution witnessed increased interest from the visitors at the conference. Qatar’s Prime Minister Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani stopped at Oordeoo’s booth and viewed the innovative technology.

We are proud to showcase anther evidence of how could benefit the public sector and revolutionize the emergency assistance. Markus, CTO comments “we are excited to combine state of the art augmented reality applications with positioning and navigation to contribute to the future of ground-breaking life-saving technologies”.