Update: Demo for visually impaired navigation

Nick Stein, 

Supporting the visually impaired community

Assistance for visually impaired people has been around for a long time but in general just to get people from A to B. This is something that we are working hard on to change. We want visually impaired people to know what is around them when they are in a new indoor environment and with a couple of partners, have been able to achieve that.

With the San Francisco airport app and the Low Viz guide app, we are showing what is possible. We are showing that that indoor navigation for visually impaired people can improve the quality of life.

What the people think

MD (macular degeneration) support, who commissioned the Low Viz guide app, held their second event. At the event, once again the feedback was outstanding.
Dan Roberts let the indoo.rs team know that at each event the response has been even better than expected.

The app in action

The director of MD Support, Dan Roberts, took the time to show the app in action, making a video, which can be seen below.

The whole team at indoo.rs is very proud of this app and look forward to more feedback from Dan and the MD Support team, as well as the people using it.

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