New releases are out!

Silvia Pichler, 

We have once again racked our brains how we can further improve usability of our tools, resulting in a number of updates to our Indoor Positioning SDK, Account Manager and Mobile Toolkit. We picked out the highlights and summarized them here for you.


One of the aspects we are constantly concerned with is usability and convenience. The following update caters especially to those needs, making it even easier for you to implement our Indoor Positioning system on your own:


Previously, after taking recordings inside your building, an project manager had to refine the results using SLAM for increased accuracy and smoother localization. Now you can run SLAM jobs on your own via the Account Manager and directly finalize your recordings. Eliminating this one step in the setup process, saves you valuable time and further increases your convenience.


We have prepared a guide for you to run our localization in the background (Android-only). This can be used to track phones of your company, or record where a person carrying a phone has walked during a day.


A new update is the Apple Indoor Navigation fallback support, which means our system can switch to Apple Navigation as a backup. Please note that this is usually not necessary and just a fallback solution in case you didn’t put up enough Beacons or forgot to take measurements in certain areas.


Another great improvement is that the Mobile Toolkit now shows you errors as you go, for instance if a step was not detected correctly (see screenshot below). This may happen if your phone doesn’t move along with you (Tip: Just walk and hold your phone naturally. Don’t make exaggerated movements, but don’t hold the phone completely still either).


You will be notified within the app and can take instant counter measures. This helps you make amendments on the fly, preventing you from losing time finishing a faulty recording that needs to be redone anyway. new release 4.10 step detection error

Step detection error notification in the Mobile Toolkit


On top of that, you can now also check the validity of your recordings in the Account Manager (see image below). Radio data errors may occur when signal coverage is insufficient due to a lack of Beacons installed. Make sure to calculate the amount of Beacons you will need for your project beforehand, to avoid shortages in a later stage and negative effects on your positioning accuracy as a result. new release 4.10 radio data error

Radio data error notification in the Account Manager


Release notes at one glance:

Release 4.11

  • Change default settings in Viewer and SDK to recommended settings
  • Support Apple Indoor Navigation for GPS fallback
  • Post-process positions using filters (Kalman Filter, Stabilization Filter, etc) for GPS fallback
  • Update external dependencies on Android, iOS and C++
  • Filter buildings by ID or name
  • Allow to delete specific recordings (in the Account Manager)
  • Sort recordings in SLAM-section


Release 4.10