New Partners: BEACONinside and InMaps

Florian Freitag, 

Expanding our network – BEACONinside & InMaps

In the last few days we have added two new partners to our partner network. In this blogpost, we put our cards on the table and reveal, who recently joined forces with, whoops, we already revealed it in the title, oh well, keep reading anyway.

New Partners

BEACONinside is a Germany based manufacturer and solution provider in the field of Bluetooth beacon technology and our latest hardware partner for iBeacons.  In addition to their high quality and moreover pretty iBeacons, they offer SDKs for iOS and Android and custom solutions for specific uses; indoors and outdoors. On their website, the BEACONinside team illustrates several use cases for beacons (e.g. smart retail, local media, traveling, …) – if you need some inspiration, it’s well worth taking a look.

If you want to see how well and BEACONinside chime together, you can get your hands on indoor positioning at Betahaus Berlin. During the Open Location Berlin, which is taking place right now and will be going on for an indefinite amount of time, developers can test and develop micro location-based services.

With InMaps, our network of partners steps into Bella Italia. Their expertise is crafting beautiful apps for exhibitions, shopping centers, warehouses, and museums. By adding indoor positioning and navigation to apps for those venues, they create a great new visiting experience. Probably, their work is best explained by watching their entertaining demo video on youtube. Remark: the girls and guys from InMaps have a love for quite danceable electro beats, so make sure your speakers are on full blast, you don’t want the party to pass you by.