Meet the Team-Our New Members

Silvia Pichler, 

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Our team has grown just a little bit more, so we would like to introduce you to our our new team members. Despite being “the puppies” here at, both of them bring along years of experience in their respective field. In an interview, Nicola and Sebastian gave us exclusive insights into their working routine at

New Team: Quick Intros


Nicola Höllbacher


Chief Secretary, HR and Finance Assistant


I studied at three different universities – Business Studies and Food Economics. Despite being a rookie in the indoor navigation industry, I am already experienced in my tasks. I was born in Austria but I am half a “Kiwi” with my family spread all over the world. I’m really happy to be part of the multicultural team! In my spare time I love creating new recipes and spending time in the nature.

Favorite saying in your language and tell everyone what it means

“Wer nicht wagt, der nicht gewinnt” – “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”


Sebastian Łach


Backend Developer


I was born and raised in Cracow, Poland, and I’m a passionate developer. I have more than 10 years of professional experience in software development and engineering. Previously I was working in startup environments based in Cracow, London and Amsterdam. Also I have a keen interest in algorithmics, robotics & automation.

Favorite saying in your language and tell everyone what it means

“Bez pracy nie ma kołaczy.” It literally translates to “There is no cake without effort” and it means “No pain, no gain”

Nicola and Sebastian


How did you find out about

Nicola: A friend of mine introduced me to the CEO because was looking for an enthusiastic allrounder…and here I am 😉
Sebastian: I was looking for a challenging position in Vienna and came across this great opportunity while searching online.

What is an day for you?

Nicola: Trying to bring some order into the “male” chaos.
Sebastian: Python, coffee, python, java, bash & repeat.

Who is the funniest person at

Nicola: It´s fun with each person…but I guess this would be Matt or Fadi.
Sebastian: Jasenko or Matt, really hard to decide.