All The New Releases…

Nick Stein, 

image from Ruiwen Chua – Code Close

All the new releases


Web platform

  • Our log-in screen and emails now have a beautiful new UI
  • The users now get an account status email every Monday informing them about the status of their account
  • It is possible to change your password from inside the platform (no need to log out anymore)
  • The beacon status logic has been updated to better match user expectations
  • We’ve changed the manage locations site to use pop-ups and will continue with this concept in the releases to come.


  • We’ve fixed the problem that the SDK fired multiple background notifications even when the device was not moving
  • There has been a big change to the Android SDK which now enforces the use of the singleton pattern. Nothing you will be able to see, but you will definitely feel it as it fixes a crash that happened in some circumstances
  • The SDK now checks for changes in the map every time it is brought to the foreground
  • + a lot of stability and user experience improvements



  • The Cordova plug-in for interactor is here! Check out the Cordova plugin section for more details

The sample app, as seen below, includes our new interactor sdk cordova plug-in, which is open source and hosted on Bitbucket


  • yet another significant accuracy improvement! Just use the old and new version side by side and see for yourself!
  • We fixed the orientation arrow on Android 6.0
  • minor stability and bug fixes

Release Notes