Mobile Wayfinding is driving innovation in office hoteling

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Increase the efficiency of Office Hoteling with mobile wayfinding

Office hoteling, also known as hot desking, is attracting a large number of NextGen workers. Millennials have a different attitude to how they want to work, whom they want to work with and where they want to work. The office is more a fluid space to be utilized by everyone instead of a stodgy place where you are confined to your small teams.


With the advancement in technology, the new generation is attracted by different opportunities that give them a way to grow. Their lives generally revolve around technology and different ways to stay connected with their customers. So as they opt for more flexible workspaces.

This is a daunting task for Facility Managers and office designers as well as for the IT departments.

Here are 5 ways to make office hoteling a success:


  • Group workers by task – Project based areas for specific tasks make coordination easier. This might mean a group desk booking system for the team you are working with that day
  • Distributed workforce – This is becoming the norm, your company doesn’t need to just hire the best local talent, they can hire the best talent possible
  • Review hardware and software needs – It is possible through messengers, screensharing etc to easily manage a distributed team. Employees will need laptops, cell phones, strong wifi, cloud storage etc to enable them to be efficient.
  • Redesign the office space – For each task to be done the most efficiently, it might need a different environment. Reading a document, brainstorming, writing a tender, creating a presentation.
  • Keep track…

Indoor navigation makes office hoteling work.

Modern Offices use hot desking
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  • Indoor mapping – Mapping the workplace makes it easy to use wayfinding inside a building with Points of Interest highlighted to aid orientation
  • Colleague Finder – Flexible workspaces make a colleague finder a necessary part of a mobile wayfinding solution. Your colleagues can opt in to share their position so that it is easier to arrange off the cuff face to face meetings.
  • Office Hoteling – You can easily reserve a flexible seat from the web portal or mobile app. Moreover, it becomes easy to locate a colleague through the app.

This and much more is all powered by an indoor positioning system.

Benefits from Worker Tracking

Mobile wayfinding and indoor positioning make it a lot easier to manage large offices and industrial buildings. Assume your company’s site includes a large warehouse. How can you possibly locate where Mr. X is working at any given time, or help keep their exposure to hazadous materials to a minimum? Mobile wayfinding makes it easy and with indoor mapping it is also possible to create multiple personas allowing different users to have different views/access to the same building.

The position will be displayed on a web-based platform or app. Using indoor navigation it is also possible send a messages to the security team and assigne the closest person  and more. These functions can easily be applied to external companies and staff members. Thus, delegating tasks become easier.

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    Benefit for employees

    Office hoteling is creating unique spaces in modern workplaces
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    Indoor navigation also helps employees to stay connected in large buildings. For instance, new employees can easily find their way to the meeting room or another department in the building. They can also find where their colleague is currently working and can thus communicate in a better manner. People finder makes it easy to reserve a nearby hot desk, and configure office resources and telephony with a mobile app.

    Employees also get freedom to book a new work location each day. Using the indoor navigation feature, employees can easily navigate from the parking spot to their new workstation or the conference room.

    The NextGen employees want to spend less time on locating their colleagues, meeting room or their work locations. Rather they are looking for flexible opportunities to shape their environment. Therefore, to retain top talent in a company, entrepreneurs must integrate technology into their workspaces. Choose mobile wayfinding as it promotes employees flexibility and makes everything easier.


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