Business Partner

Mapspeople is an international Indoor Mapping and Navigation provider rooted in Denmark. In 2009, the company became a Google Premier Partner and four years later added Indoor Navigation to their product portfolio.

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“Our partnership with is making it possible for existing and future customers to get the best possible performance of their indoor navigation solution. Positioning technology is the foundation for our indoor navigation platform” – Michael Gram, CEO, MapsPeople.


With more than a combined 20 years of experience in the field of indoor mapping and indoor positioning, and mapspeople are the frontrunners of the industry. Over the years, our technologies have been fine tuned and optimized to ensure best user experience and technologically sophisticated products which set new quality standards.


The combination of our solutions provides the best of both worlds – beautifully designed indoor maps and accurate real-time indoor positioning. Together they can be applied to a wide range of industries and use cases, ranging from outdoor and indoor navigation for healthcare, stadiums, university campuses, and airports to events and many more.


Mapspeople’s flagship product, MapsIndoors, merges searchable and interactive indoor maps with indoor positioning systems. This way, users will be able to experience the advantages of Google Maps with accurate indoor navigation on top of that. Leisurely walk around outdoors and navigate from the street to a specific point of interest inside a building. It can’t get any easier than this.


Benefits of this partnership:

  • Beautiful maps and accurate positioning combined
  • Seamless indoor/outdoor navigation
  • Customizable indoor maps
  • Google Maps
  • Intuitive and user-friendly CMS