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Skookum is where strategists, designers and engineers come together to help companies create digital products people love to use. They are a boutique, digital product development firm with offices in Charlotte North Carolina and Denver Colorado. Read more…

“Collaborating with on the High Point Market project was a real pleasure. They have created a solution that changes the way people experience events, and especially large-scale trade shows like this, completely. With the fast functioning of their SLAM Engine, adding Indoor Navigation to the 37,000 sqm venue only took a matter of days and produced a highly accurate Indoor Navigation system.” – Bryan Delaney, VP and Co-founder Skookum 

Indoor Navigation and mobile app solutions provider

Skookum is a custom software development company based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Their innovative team of technology and business professionals help trade show and event organization to maximize the power of mobile apps, Beacons, and the SDK to create digital experiences that delight and add value to the visitor experience — and empower exhibitors to better access and engage with prospective buyers and clients.

“How can we help visitors plan ahead to max out their time onsite?
“What can we do to create a more personalized experience?”
“Folks have a hard time getting from A to B with our paper maps… is there a better way?”
“We already have a mobile app… how do be integrate beacons, wayfinding and other IoT concepts?”
“How can we increase showroom foot traffic so exhibitors can reach more people?”
“How do we create an experience that separates us from 5 other shows in our space?”
“What can we do to ensure everybody comes back next year?”

Founded in 2005, Skookum provides user-experience design and custom software development services. Skookum helps organizations such as: Coca-Cola, Lowe’s, MetLife, and Charlotte Mecklenburg Library to deliver exceptional customer, partner and employee experiences. Services include: UX design, Web application development, Mobile and IoT solutions.


Joint projects

High Point Market

High Point Market is the the world’s largest home furnishings trade show. With 1800 brand showcases spread across 180 buildings and 13 city blocks, the Market’s 75,000 annual visitors faced a perennial navigation challenge — how to efficiently move from booth to booth when those two locations are separated by multiple blocks and buildings. Ever since 2016, and Skookum have been partnering on the trade show event and helped visitors maximize their time with easy navigating.

Historically, visitors and vendors made do with paper maps, healthy guesswork, and the help of the Market staff. But Tom Conley (CEO of the High Point Market Authority) and Neil Marritt (VP of Emisare, the trade show’s marketing agency of record) wanted to propel the market forward with technology and create an unequaled digital experience for visitors, exhibitors, and employees.

That’s where Skookum came in. Partnering with for the indoor location-based service, Skookum custom-designed and developed an iOS mobile application to help Market visitors navigate quickly and efficiently. The app utilizes GPS and beacon technology to provide building-to-building blue dot navigation throughout the entire 13-block Market area, plus indoor guidance within the International Home Furnishings Center (Market’s largest property). Using beacons for Indoor Navigation frees the user from dependence on Internet access, as it communicates with devices via Bluetooth, and powerful search functions allow the user to look up exhibitors by category.

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“High Point Market has grown organically since its inception in 1909. The combination of an easy to use exhibitor and event search feature with on the ground wayfinding empowers buyers to target and navigate preferred shopping destinations with efficiency and speed.” – Neil Marritt, VP of Emisare

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