Passenger Navigation at Berlin Airport

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In 2018 Berlin-Tegel Airport counted more than 22 million passengers, registering a 7.5% increase compared to 2017. This makes it Germany’s fourth largest airport in terms of passenger volume and Berlin’s most important hub for air transport. To help these travelers easily find their way around the five terminals, an Indoor Navigation system has now been implemented.


Why Indoor Positioning at the Airport

An individual’s travel experience starts at the airport. With their expectations shifting towards digital assistance and increased convenience in all areas, Mobile Wayfinding is one of the next logical steps to take.


Due to Berlin’s very favorable geostrategic location in Europe, passengers and airlines benefit from relatively short flight times to Scandinavia as well as Eastern Europe and Asia. Berlin-Tegel connects to 150 destinations in 56 countries worldwide in this winter´s flight schedule and is the starting point of multiple long-distance flights.


At such a highly frequented venue, it is important to ensure a smooth passenger flow. By providing mobile navigation assistance, passengers can make their way through the airport with ease.


In addition, for people who are not familiar with the building or may not be fluent in the language the physical signage is provided in, finding their way around may be confusing. App users are empowered to navigate independently and efficiently from the curb to the gate.


The Implementation

In order to get the Positioning system up and running, our Professional Services team was on-site to install 400 Beacons throughout the whole airport and take measurements.


Berlin Airport passenger navigation via mobile app Beacon installation

Berlin Airport passenger navigation via mobile app Beacon installation

The Professional Services team installing Beacons at Berlin-Tegel Airport


Doing installations inside buildings that are subject to heightened security measures, comes with one or the other challenge. Since the setup had to be done in strict compliance with safety regulations, an airport security guard accompanied our team during the whole process.


In addition, to avoid interference with regular business, the implementation was done outside of the airport’s operating hours, between 11:00 PM and 4:00 AM. Nevertheless, all Beacons were mounted and the Wayfinding system setup was completed according to plan.


Navigation Around the Airport

The Berlin Airport App is available for Android and iOS and has more than 350.000 users a month. It was developed and designed by Publicis Pixelpark, a subsidiary of Publicis Groupe.


The app provides users with important information on their flight details, updates via push notification, parking space or lounge booking, coupons for the shopping area, and other useful features. Information on public transport to the city center ensures a seamless and smooth travel experience.


Now, the app has been further enhanced by an Indoor Mobile Wayfinding feature powered by


A digital indoor map of the 6,800 sqm venue is available and shows all service points and amenities such as restaurants, shops, ATMs, etc. This provides travelers with a better overview of the airport and helps them find specific points of interest (POI) more easily.


A Blue Dot shows the current position of the app user inside the airport. Upon selecting a POI on the map, a route to it will be displayed and the user is able to navigate there in real time.


“We are always seeking to provide our customers with the best possible experience and highest comfort. The Wayfinding feature is therefore a valuable addition that makes the Berlin Airport app really well rounded.”

– Franziska Peters, Product Manager E-Commerce, Berlin Airport


The decision to adapt the navigation technology was not only made to increase comfort, but also fueled by economic considerations. Every now and then, passengers will get lost and be late for their flight. To avoid any delays or missed flights, passengers are now able to not only check if their departure gate has changed, but also how to navigate there, easily and timely.



Berlin airport passenger navigation mobile app screenshots

Screenshots of the Berlin Airport app using the new Mobile Wayfinding feature


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Berlin airport passenger navigation Android appBerlin airport passenger navigation mobile app