featured at Pioneers’ Festival


Pioneers festival 2012

This year was featured at the Pioneers Festival 2012 in Vienna. We were asked to appear this week as an example of a European startup that fits well in the US market.  Investor and LBS specialist, Erik Bovee, explained that one of the common, vital factors he sees in European companies that thrive and scale quickly in the US is low-level, world class IP, both of which has been working hard on to develop.

How European Startups win in America

Europe has a distinct advantage in technology education – enrollments in university mathematics, science and technology programs (under- and postgraduate) as a percentage of total enrollment in Germany and Austria are 30% and 26%, respectively (, compared to 17% in the USA.  Even in Silicon Valley the number of startups founded by foreign (non-US) citizens was 43.9%, and many of them build on this advantage, attracting world-class talent from all over Europe.

How is poised to take full advantage

Erik highlighted the high complexity of indoor localization, and the importance of deep technical knowledge in addressing some of the complex statistical and ‘big data’ issues that indoor positioning and navigation pose. was a showcase example of a strong IP strategy, coupled with top talent in LBS and radio engineering.
On top of this Austria is uniquely positioned, geographically, as a gateway to t Eastern Europe, this opens the door to a huge talent pool of top quality developers.

pioneers festival 2012 – Round up

It was a great event highlighting a lot of what is going on in CEE and is doing a great job Positioning Vienna as a force to be reckoned with in the startup world. Great to be part of this growing community and we are looking forward to giving back as much as we get out of it.