Power by Sonar and indoo.rs


Visually Impaired Navigation

A young team of engineers got inspired by indoo.rs technology and decided to employ it and develop a smart solution for visually impaired people.

Tangerine, the student’s team from the National University of La Matanza, Argentina, has spotted the market niche for an indoor navigation system for visually impaired people and has developed a solution that provides positioing and routing, taking into account the physical obstacles in the vicinity of a person. The team shares that the motivation behind the project is not only to develop an innovative product but also to make social integration for blind students and university staff easier. Sonar allows those people to re-gain their confidence and to navigate independently around the university campus.

Sonar comprises a navigation system, based on indoo.rs technology, and a detection system.
The navigation system consists of a mobile application for Android that offers routing to various pre-define point of interests (POIs). The solution is optimized for visually impaired people – the routing is delivered via sound and distance is measured in steps rather than in meters.
The detection system is enabled by an especially designed by Tangerine stick – SonarStick, that can spot obstacles within a distance of four steps on the basis of ultrasound waves. Furthermore, thanks to an accelerometer and a servomotor, the stick is automatically calibrated and factors such one’s height or they way one holds the stick, cannot distort the detection result. SonarStick communicates with the navigation app via Bluetooth to deliver faultless routing.

Here is a short of video showing how SONAR works:

For more information on SONAR you can follow their facebook page.

indoo.rs is happy to have facilitated that innovative university project and wishes very best of luck to the young team!