5 Tips to promote downloads of your app

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Why you should create your own app

First thing we do in the morning is check our smartphone for any news from friends, known faces or global news. While doing so, we receive a whatsapp message from our friend, who is accompanying us to the Copenhagen International Fashion Trade Show today. We agree to meet at the entrance at 11:00. Before heading out, we check the weather app to make sure we are perfectly prepared for the vagaries of nature. Stepping outside, we take a quick look at Rejseplanen, to make sure we catch the next bus.

To sweeten the long ride to the show, we put on our headphones and listen to our favorite music on Spotify. Using Google Maps, we don’t have any trouble finding the event location and our friend, who is already waiting for us at the entrance. As we walk into the 10,000sqm indoor venue, we find ourselves confronted with more than 300 exhibitors spread across 4 floors. Thank god the event provides its own app, which also offers Indoor Navigation around the exhibition. Now we can locate and route ourselves to our favorite brand without any effort.

A confession

As you can see and maybe also relate, apps have become an essential part of our every day lives and help us master little difficulties we are facing each day better. In fact, to some of us using apps has become something so normal they can’t or don’t want to imagine their life without them anymore. I myself, for instance, am not exactly blessed with a good sense of orientation. Therefore, the thought of going unknown places without being able to use Google Maps makes me kind of nervous. As I need all the help I can get, I am glad technology has come this far to help me find my way both outdoors and indoors.

phone on subway
Image Credit: New York Times Magazine

Smartphones and especially the millenials’ seeming addiction to apps has more than once led to public discourses about how it may affect our social behaviour negatively. On average, we check our smartphone 88 times a day. The first image that pops up in my mind when thinking about this discussion is a train filled with people who are all completely immersed in the mobile world, which has a bit of a horde of zombies feeling to it. After all, people walking around staring at their smartphone did not get the nickname “smombies” (a combination of “smartphone” +”zombie”) for nothing.

However, be it gaming, social media, navigation, sports or any other kind of apps, it is a fact that apps are undisputedly of great importance for people around the globe. According to recent studies by Comscore, the majority of media consumption in the US is taking place on mobile devices. As a result, the average smartphone user downloads up to three apps per month and almost 60% use apps everyday, indicating the great potential apps offer for companies.

Tips to motivate the end user to download your app

Those of you, whose mind the idea to create an app has already crossed, but who are still hesitating, should definitely have a closer look at the next few lines. One of our partners, digital agency STRØM WORKS, know exactly how to engage users to download their app and agreed to share their experience and some insights with you. Carl Emil S. Bregnhoi, Client Services Director at STRØM, provided his top 5 tips and tricks how they ensure a great number of downloads for their Copenhagen Fashion Trade Show app: 


First off we’re training the staff in both using and downloading the app, so that everyone associated with the event can be of assistance to visitors. We experience that well trained staff, can make a big difference. At the same time, we’re making high-speed WiFi freely accessible whilst doing geo-targeted ads for app download on Facebook, and pushing printed marketing material on-site. However, the most interesting step we’re taking this time around, is to incorporate the entire ticket system into the app, thus making the app a mandatory download for all 13000 visitors and exhibitors. With this new feature, we’ll be gaining a download increase of over 1000% by default. 

Key Points:

  • Train your staff in using and downloading the app to assist event visitors
  • Make high speed WiFi easily accessible
  • Geo targeted ads on social media
  • Print marketing material on site at event
  • Make app mandatory to attend event


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Carl Emil Bregnhoi on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carlemilb

STRØM on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/strøm-works


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