and INFORM at PTE 2017

Silvia Pichler, 

PTE, the Passenger Terminal Expo, is the world’s biggest exhibition on the microcosm “airport”, where the latest and most innovative technologies and products for airports are introduced. After our fruitful joint visit to the event last year, we will again be part of this year’s PTE hosted in Amsterdam, along with our partner INFORM.

After a history of 20 years, the PTE has become the largest and leading airport expo attracting more than 5,000 visitors from 90 different countries as well as 1,300 makers and shakers of the industry.

New requirements for airports

Besides new transport systems, check-in and baggage handling techniques, one of the great challenges airports need to address are PRM, i.e. Passengers with Reduced Mobility. As we already mentioned in a previous article, the number of passengers who require wheelchair services at airports continues to grow steadily.

In the US, this phenomenon can be expressed in a concrete number; between 2002 and 2011 the number of people asking for wheelchair assistance at US airports grew by unbelievable 13% each year!

Airports and airlines need to provide qualified services for Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM)
Image Credit: Int. Airport Review

This number may not only include people with walking disabilities and elderly but may also stem from a growing percentage of people suffering from obesity. Either way, while the need for an efficient way to assist PRMs has become apparent, airports have yet to adapt to this development. This new situation they are confronted with demands an efficient system to allocate resources while keeping check of transport times. and INFORM’s PRM solution

The and INFORM teams have come together to create a joint PRM solution that tackles this important issue. Using Indoor Navigation combined with INFORM’s software, allows airports to optimize the handling of passengers with reduced mobility.

This is how it works:

Airport agents can be tracked in real-time, showing their current location on a digital map. As soon as a passenger requires assistance at the special assistance desk, a vacant agent which is close by will be assigned to the task of transferring the passenger to the right gate (for example) via their Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). On their way, the agent passes certain checkpoints which record timestamps, e.g. “12:16 – Entered Security”.

All landside and airside agents’ location can be checked anytime allowing an optimized task allocation. Moreover, the assets (wheelchair, buggy etc.) are also shown on the map and categorized as vacant or in use leading to optimized resource and time management.

Meet us at Booth 6070!

INFORM will be part of the exhibition and present the solution at their booth 6070 in Hall 8, where you will also be able to meet Come by and watch our video on the PRM solution! Also, Michael Reinkober, product manager at INFORM, was invited to give a talk on “Efficient meet and assist/PRM operations with iBeacons” on March 16th, which you definitely shouldn’t miss.