Release 3.4.0 is live

Nick Stein, 

Release 3.4.0 is live

Regardless of the heat, we keep pushing to get the releases out as quickly as we can. Release 3.4.0 is a much more front end/visual update than we normally do.  We are making it even easier to see your location and the current direction you are moving.

There are a lot of moving parts to make this beautiful and accurate at the same time. We are making sure that all is being taken care of at the same time.

Here are the Release notes:

In release 3.4.0 you are now able to configure the location update interval which allows simple tweaking of the locator to provide either faster location updates or more accurate results.
The Viewer now notifies the user if downloading a building fails because of no internet connection.
The building ID for the building has now been made constant. Different revisions are still kept in the database but under a constant identifier.
Smoother load progress bar.
Improved location and navigation icons.

release 3.4.0release 3.4.0 blue dotRelease 3.4.0 indoor positioningrelease 3.4.0 indoor navigation