Release 3.7.0 is here

Nick Stein, 

So what is the release 3.7.0?

We have done what we do best, listened to your feedback, fixed a few things and of course added some great features.
Here is the quick overview

  • Fixed a bug where reset to factory defaults didn’t clear the building cache in iOS Viewer
  • Fixed “Delete application” in the account manager
  • Added drawing of route paths in MMT
  • Allow user to not show the position dot – iOS
  • Made the surface zoom level and position public and restorable via api
  • Fixed that a listener was not de-allocated on iOS
  • Performance fixes on zooming.
  • We deprecated the “connected” delegate method in IndoorsServiceDelegate
  • Added a Stabilization Filter based on walking and moving events
  • Added an API to get SDK version info


Pièce de résistance

You are now able to draw predefined paths for the navigation to follow. This helps everything flow even better in in our viewer.
Here examples of how to draw a map and how it will look like in action, in our viewer.























As always, the best thing to do after one of our releases, is to check it out for yourself Login/Register here. So what are you waiting for, add Indoor Navigation to your app today and give your users an experience they will never forget.

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