3.10 is here in all its glory

Nick Stein, 

The big releases of the week

Everyone likes to kick the new year off with a bang and we are no different, we have come back nice and refreshed from our vacations and gotten straight back into the swing of things with a brand new release for BOTH of our platforms, Locator and Interactor.

The Highlights

  • Dot on Rails : Location dot now follows exactly predefined paths, if desired
  • You can now force download a building in the Viewer which will make testing map changes much easier
  • The Viewer provides low latency dot to skip animation for evaluation
  • We added a distance grid to the mobile toolkit for easier fingerprinting and recording
  • Mobile toolkit now warns users if any data is missing in a recording
  • We’ve updated our documentation and MMT Guide to match current status of the Locator
  • Fix some minor UI issues for iOS


A picture is worth…





Click the picture to see the animation.
This shows that new Dot on Rails feature that doesn’t follow the As the Crow flies principle, looking for the shortest route but following a predefined path instead.

Missing data warning

There is now a warning screen that pops up before you save the data from a recording. This was a heavily requested update to help make the first recordings as accurate as possible.

Documentation update

The MMT guide is now fully up to date so you can now explore if there are any features that you have always wanted but might have overlooked before. We know how great the locator is but now it is in Black & White.

Is that all?

Of course not…

Interactor 1.7 is live

The 1.7 Interactor release also goes live. This new release is mainly about bugs being fixed, some say that isn’t sexy but we all know a bug free software is a beautiful thing.

Release Notes

To read more about the updates and the previous ones as well open the 3.10 Release Notes and also the 1.7 Release Notes as well.


These three screenshots show the distance grid that helps the person doing the fingerprinting orientate themselves better. A tip for the person doing the fingerprinting, place the marker on one of the axe and then take a measurement and continue doing that alone the whole way. You can use the 2m setting for this.


Fingerprinting_grid_overview1-129x207 (1)Fingerprinting_measuring_grid-129x207 (1)Fingerprinting_grid_mode-129x207