SDK-free Indoor Positioning with LBE!

Silvia Pichler, 


Integrating numerous SDKs into a mobile app can be time-consuming and the result may be over-featured for your needs.’ latest innovation, the Location Based Engine (LBE) is here to change that with SDK-free Indoor Positioning!


The Challenge

Setting up an Indoor Positioning System is no small feat. It requires Know-How about Beacon placement and taking recordings inside the building to enable real-time positioning on a digital map (see our blog about our Professional Services).


Integrating the software into your mobile app is not that difficult if you know what you’re doing, but it can become quite cumbersome when you are managing a big indoor venue that services multiple individual parties, all of which would like to leverage Indoor Positioning.


The Solution – LBE

The LBE was designed to address these issues and facilitate the Indoor Mobile Wayfinding setup process in various areas like train stations, shopping malls, airports etc. provides a REST-API that enables Indoor Positioning, solely by using a simple API call. You can think of it as having the SDK running in the Cloud.


The computation of the positioning happens in the Cloud, leading to the following benefits:


  • Simple API call – easier to integrate than an SDK
  • Available on devices that are not iOS or Android based
  • Faster time to market – test the API and then upgrade to the SDK


Let’s exemplify the use of LBE on airports and airlines.


Shareable Indoor Positioning with LBE

Up to now, Indoor Positioning was not shareable between airports and airlines. That means when an airport implemented Indoor Positioning and Navigation, the solution was available within the airport, but could not easily be expanded to all airlines.


Because every airline uses their own mobile app, various SDKs from different providers had to be integrated into each app individually, which is a time-consuming and tedious process.


The Location Based Engine (LBE) substantially facilitates the implementation of an Indoor Positioning system by making SDK integrations obsolete.


DK free indoor positioning graphic

Figure 1: With LBE, multiple airport clients can access Indoor Positioning, creating an interesting cost-recovery model.


Instead, the Blue Dot is available via the Cloud through a simple API call. Like this, the individual airline apps just call to the airport API and receive longitude/latitude information for positioning.

This completely changes the game for big transport hubs such as airports or other building vendors, that host multiple service providers. Mobile Wayfinding and other use cases can be implemented almost instantly!


Accuracy and latency reach approximately the same level as SDK-based Indoor Positioning, allowing for effective guidance of passengers to their desired points of interest and collection of valuable analytical data for the management.


In a Nutshell

  • Instead of using an SDK, the position is computed in the cloud and available via an API call
  • Location Based Engine (LBE) makes Indoor Positioning sharable
  • The Indoor Positioning implementation process is shortened substantially
  • All parties involved get valuable analytical data about users’ motion patterns and behavior
  • Easy way for companies to enable their customers to use Indoor Positioning within their own mobile apps


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