SLAM Engine launch

Nick Stein, 

Slam Engine Launch


For immediate release

SLAM Engine™ is firing on all cylinders, mapping indoor environments just got easy

VIENNA, AUSTRIA: GmbH have just launched a revolutionary technology that will change the indoor positioning and navigation world for good. 

Indoor positioning and navigation has been around for a number of years but it is new SLAM Engine™ and the release later this year of the SLAM Crowd Engine™ that will revolutionize this field.

SLAM stands for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping and with it, have created a way to digitally map an indoor location in a tenth of the time that it normally took. The manual workload could almost be eliminated. Instead of recording every single fingerprint manually, it is now enough to walk through the building at a regular pace and only take ground truths when changing the direction, the rest is taken care of by the SLAM algorithm. The fascinating thing about it is, that the quality and accuracy of the SLAM Engine results only divert minimally from those of the much more inefficient, conventional method.  This removes three of the most difficult barriers to implementing an indoor positioning and navigation solution:

  • Time
  • Cost
  • Expertise

The time and cost benefits are obvious, but the expertise benefit is that the measuring now corrects mistakes in the fingerprinting/mapping and so that taking the initial measurements is now much easier.  One of the global leaders in the Communications- and Information-system industry as well as one of the leading retailers in the DACH region have already tested SLAM and are now actively using it to improve efficiency of the mapping processes in their projects.

After its initial phase on the market, more clients are anticipated to switch to not only because of their accurate BlueDot but because of their SLAM Engine™ technology making implementations a walk in the building.