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Silvia Pichler, 

Meet us at dmexco

From September 14-15th, we are going to be in Cologne at the Digital Marketing Expo & Conference. The event is targeted towards innovators, technology providers, creative thinkers and marketing & media professionals. For this event, we teamed up with SMARTASSISTANT, a provider of digital advice solutions, to show you how customers can make the most of their shopping experiences. We’ve prepared a use case demo for the following scenario:


‘I need a running shoe…

but I have no clue where and how to find the perfect one for me.’ Imagine you have just decided to start doing some sports again. Since this time you want to be serious about it, you need to get the right sports wear, starting with the perfect running shoe. Now, you don’t know that much about sportswear and running, so you definitely need help finding what you need. Arriving at the store, you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount and variety of shoes. So what now?


You have two options

You can either look for a staff member and depend on their knowledge, expertise and motivation or you can use a mobile app, which assists you in making your own choice. and SMARTASSISTANT joined forces to create the Shopping Assistant App, which provides customers with the self-service experience they are seeking. SMARTASSISTANT’s solution guides the customer through the purchasing process to make the optimal decision. Navigation and Proximity solution make sure to locate the right shoe and give the customer relevant information or promotion deals upon getting close to it.  

The combination of these solutions makes for an optimal digital shopping assistant, which brings the following benefits:

  • Easy made self-service for customers
  • Relief of staff
  • High convenience level for customers
  • Timely promotional offers via app
  • Insights into customer behavior


Sneak peek of the app


dmexco app_launch page

dmexco app access












Become a shopping expert

To show you how it works, we’re exclusively simulating a shopping scenario at our booth. For the setup we’re using Osram Einstone Beacons to enable accurate navigation and location based messages at our booth. Just download the app and/or ask one of our team members on site to help you. Join the fun and discover the future of in-store shopping experiences!

Download the dmexco Shopping Assistant App:






dmexco booth plan








Come and check out our exclusive dmecxo Shopping Assistant App!

You can find us in Hall 9 at Booth C021.



SMARTASSISTANT is the leading SaaS-omnichannel technology for interactive digital advice solutions. Like a helpful and knowledgeable sales associate, interactive advisors enagage shoppers, and assist them as they decide on the most suitable products and services.


Download our joint Onepager about “Digitizing the store”!