Understand your Customers

Unlock the full marketing potential of your bricks & mortar location.

Create a zone for each area of your store and understand how your customers are interacting with your location. Measure dwell times and motion patterns visualized on a heat-map, find out how many customers spend how much time at specific points, what are the busiest times at your store etc.

Use Indoor Analytics to figure out which campaigns are really working with your customers and optimize the store layout accordingly.

  • Campaign analytics
  • Dwell times
  • Frequency
  • Directional analytics
  • Campaign conversion rates
  • Real-time customer view
  • Dashboard
  • Visual analytics

Offer your Customer the Best Experience

Enjoy the advantage that online shops have had for years. Get to know your customers’ wants and needs, see what campaigns are working in real time, and give them a personal feel to their experience at your location.

  • Customer Behaviour insights
  • No privacy breaches
  • Store layout optimization
  • Campaign optimization

Proximity Campaign Analytics

We provide a state of the art Analytics Dashboard allowing an easy overview of all your currently active campaigns.

Here you will be able to analyze demographics, interactions, walking paths and what technology the users are accessing your platform with.

Understanding your customers is an indispensible requirement for customer acquisition and especially customer retention. indoo.rs Analytics provides the optimal means to easily get insights into customers wants and needs and their in-store behavior. Retailers can react accordingly and increase their ROI.

indoo.rs analytics_dashboard - indoo.rs indoor positioning and navigation