Assets can be defined as either inventory or personnel. As both types of assets are extremely valuable for a company, making sure it is easy to locate and navigate them to where there are needed most, is a great business advantage.
This is Industry 4.0, one of the most talked about topics in the manufacturing industry at the moment.

The Asset Tracking solution is unique in that it goes hand in hand with Indoor Navigation. Whereas other Asset Tracking systems require additional hardware installations (Raspberry Pi etc.), works wireless.

Facility and Asset management made easy. Know on one easy to follow dashboard where all of your company’s assets are at any given time. Use the data to optimize and automate your facility.

  1. Locate inventory at the click of a button.
  2. Optimize picking and packing routes in warehouses.
  3. Minimize maintenance costs.
  4. Utilize all the assets, “only buy what you need and will use”.
  5. Scale up or down easily, including reducing on-boarding time/costs.
  6. Use data from previous tasks, employees, projects to optimize new ones.
  7. Create accurate work flows.
  8. Get people and assets to where they need to be efficiently & on time.

Imagine adding new warehouse staff for busy seasons that with Asset Tracking and Indoor Navigation are working to maximal efficiency on day one!

As talked about in the Why use Asset Tracking section, there are many use cases that will lead to increased automation and efficiency and reduction of lost or under used assets. All of these individually or combined will lead to a great ROI.

Hospitals – Less equipment needed and always locatable when needed. Have staff where they need to be.

Retail – Optimize layout quickly without the fear of updating the maps

Events – Get all last minute structural changes in the map immediately updated

Stadiums – Find obstructions quickly, have staff where they are needed.

Offices – Locate printers, and other facilities easily. Manage the building maintenance, cleaning and security all in one place.

Transport – Ground Handling, passenger assistance, managing maintenance etc are all made easy with asset tracking

Industrial – Get new staff working quicker and all staff working more efficiently

  • Facility Managers
  • Asset Managers
  • Shift Managers and
  • Operations Managers

will all have better overviews of what is happening at any given time at their location.

With the pinpoint accuracy that is strength, it will be possible to locate staff and assets; making sure that they are both where they need to be.

For data sensitive environments we offer the chance to have on-site hosting.

For all installations it is possible to use the Asset Tracking data obtained to further increase ROI through process optimization and automation.


Need more info? Download our Asset Tracking Onepager

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