Wayfinding made easy

Commonly known as Indoor GPS, Indoor Positioning systems allow a user to navigate around a new building as if they had been there a million times. Armed with a smartphone and the app using indoo.rs, visitors can locate themselves on the digital building map and route to any desired Point of Interest (POI).

Using triangulation/trilateration to pinpoint a device in a building has enabled accurate navigation in indoor environments to be possible.
There are many different solutions and technologies on the market but mixing accuracy, cost, and implementation time means that the indoo.rs solution is the best option.

Added to that we work on the principle that the data derived from installations is the sole property of our customer.

We have hit that sweet spot through the following mix:


  • Sensor Fusion


All of this adds up to the best Blue Dot on the market.

*Our technology can work with any Beacon using the iBeacon protocol on the market.

**We are building our technology to work with all the upcoming technology, making it future proof.

From A to B

Due to GPS’ failure to work indoors, the need for a distinct Indoor Positioning system was born. That and the increasing complexity of buildings. When visiting a building (airport, office building, exhibition hall, hospital etc.) for the first time, orientation may be difficult. Direction signs and static plans often don’t provide the help you need to find a specific location in time, resulting in stressful situations and delays.

As we spend up to 90% of our lifetime inside and consume the majority of our mobile data indoors, the mobile phone became the natural tool to facilitate Indoor Positioning.

Capture a potential client during a Micro-moment and direct them to your store by providing Indoor Navigation, store information and local messaging. Retaining customers is just as important as acquiring new ones. A happy customer is likely to recommend you and also buy more.

There are many different reasons to use Indoor Positioning  from all kinds of viewpoints:

  • Real-time Indoor Navigation
  • Improve visitor experience
  • Visually Impaired Navigation
  • Better facility management
  • Gain insights into consumers
  • Increase business intelligence
  • Streamline operations
  • Proximity Messaging Marketing
  • Personalize offers
  • Integrate customer loyalty schemes
  • Optimize store layout

Our SDK allows for the seamless integration of Indoor Positioning into both Android and iOS apps. Here is a list of features available through Indoor Positioning:

  • Offline Maps and Localization
  • Data ownership
  • A-B Routing
  • Highly accurate Indoor Positioning
  • Seamless Floor/Building transition
  • Battery saving
  • Proximity with Bluetooth Beacons
  • Monitor Beacon performance
  • Proximity Message Management

The following three features deserve some special attention:


Read our How to Get Started guide

As Indoor Positioning system providers we have many projects with big players across the globe. Here are a few to highlight:

indoo.rs LBE is our latest weapon designed to fight time-consuming and inefficient implementations of Indoor Positioning Systems. Instead of using an SDK, with our LBE, Indoor Positioning is available via the Cloud through a simple API call.


We provide a REST-API that allows our clients (e.g. venue owners) to easily enable their own customers to use Indoor Positioning within their individual mobile apps.



  • Position is computed in the Cloud and available via API call
  • LBE makes Indoor Positioning easily shareable
  • Easy way for companies to enable their customers to use Indoor Positioning within their own mobile apps
  • Indoor Positioning implementation process is shortened substantially
  • All parties involved get valuable analytical data about users’ motion patterns and behavior
indoor positioning and navigation via smartphone powered by indoo.rs the leading indoor positioning provider

Indoor location will be bigger than GPS or Maps

Don Dodge – Developer Advocate at Google