Mobile Messaging and Marketing in Real-Time

Proximity enables location based Push Notifications in real time on mobile devices. It can serve as valuable information channel for first time visitors at indoor events, public buildings such as libraries, universities, museums etc.

This is a door opener, especially for retail stores, seeking to unlock the full marketing potential of their brick and mortar location:Increase interaction with your customers by providing location based special offers.
Create a more interactive mobile marketing campaign, using the latest technology to interact with your customers. Proximity is a state of the art technology that allows you to increase the ROI of your venue.
Once you have enabled Proximity Marketing in your app, use our Campaign Management Platform to manage the messages you send to your customers, from the comfort of one place.

  • Geo-Fencing
  • Personalized campaigns
  • Location based offers
  • New communication channel
  • Measure customer traffic
  • Create customer journeys
  • New communication channel

Optimize your Mobile Strategy

Create a new marketing channel to increase customer retention. Convenience is an important factor which helps customers decide which store or product to choose. Therefore, it is essential to provide potential customers with relevant information and offers, before they even enter your store.

Capture a potential client during a Micro-moment and direct them to your store by providing Indoor Navigation, store information and local messaging. Retaining customers is just as important as acquiring new ones. A happy customer is likely to recommend you and also buy more.

  • Personalize offers
  • Integrate customer loyalty schemes
  • Cross & up-selling opportunities
  • Optimize store layout

Install Proximity to your app and open up a whole new marketing channel.

Once it is enabled, you can use the Proximity Platform to manage your customer interactions, plan campaigns and analyze the success. Track customer behavior with Analytics to optimize your store layout and offers.

  • Campaign management
  • Monitor Beacon performance
  • Analytics and web dashboard

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Here is a selection of customers that use Proximity for their projects. They operate in different industries, ranging from retail to museums and libraries, which shows how diversely Proximity can be used.

Konica Minolta


Bavarian State Library


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Proximity inside Shopping Mall

This demo video shows an example of combined Indoor Navigation and Proximity inside a shopping mall. Along the way, as the customer passes by specific stores, they will receive attractive offers, that will pop up on their smartphone screen. Use Proximity to increase store frequency and sales.