Text to voice

Through using indoo.rs technology, iBeacons and Points of Interest (POIs) in a building, it is possible to assist a visually impaired person to navigate through an unfamiliar indoor environment. By adding an audio guide to indoo.rs, blind people are able to perceive their environment in more detail and navigate to their desired POI without depending on others. indoo.rs increases their spatial awareness, independence and self-confidence, all at once.

  • Text to voice
  • Spatial awareness
  • Independent navigation to POI
  • Increased self-confidence

Optimize Your Mobile Strategy

indoo.rs offers a Visually Impaired App, which is availbale for iOS only at this point in time, because only Apple has a superior text-to-voice feature that makes it possible. indoo.rs Visually Impaired can be used as a white label app and customized to the building’s respective requirements.

Download the indoo.rs Visually Impaired App for iOS 

All the data generated by a set up at your venue is owned by you. This will allow you to learn and adapt your venue to your customer’s needs.

So far, three of our customers are using our Visually Impaired solution and demand for innovative solutions to assist blind people is continuously growing. Here are some links to demo videos of these projects.

San Francisco International Airport

MDSupport LowViz Guide


san francisco airport visually impaired navigation via mobile app

Visually Impaired Navigation at San Francisco Airport

In the course of the Entrepreneurship in Residence program 2014, indoo.rs was selected to realize their Indoor Navigation project for the Visually Impaired at San Francisco Airport. Lisa Martinez from Lighthouse for the Visually Impaired and Blind is doing a demo inside terminal 2.

LowViz Guide

Dan Roberts, CEO of MD Support, is showcasing the Visually Impaired Navigation solution in detail at the American Council of the Blind Convention venue. The LowViz Guide App can be used for multiple events as it is not tied to any specific building. Watch how the routing-by-voice functionality works.