Nominee for Staatspreis Digital Solutions 2017

Silvia Pichler, 
/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Staatpreis-digital-solutions-indoors-1024x683-1.jpg CEO Rainer Wolfsberger receiving the prize for

Acknowledged again – Staatspreis Digital Solutions

The Staatspreis Digital Solutions is an initiative from the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy aimed at promoting the most innovative, useful and technologically sophisticated solutions with a high market potential. It is renowned for being Austria’s most prestigious award for exceptional digital products, services and applications.


Visually Impaired Indoor Navigation

We at participated with our solution for visually impaired indoor navigation. It can be easily integrated into any existing app and helps blind people perceive their surroundings similarly close or even more detailed than normally sighted people do. Via voice activation, the users are made aware of all important amenities in their vicinity, like toilets, vending machines, electrical outlets etc.

Additionally, the solution gives the user pinpoint directional orders to navigate exactly to specific locations inside the respective building. It not only enables them to navigate around buildings independently, but may also strengthen their spacial intelligence skills allowing the users to gain a level of independence not possible before.


Nominated for our VI solution

An independent jury of experts checked all submissions on the above stated criteria and narrowed the amount of submitted projects down to only eight nominees. We are proud to announce that we were among those selected companies. Our CEO, Rainer Wolfsberger, accepted the nomination certificate from Ulrich Schuh (left, Federal Ministry of Science, Research & Economy) and Robert Bodenstein (right, Austrian Chamber of Commerce).


Further reading

As is well documented we have worked very closely with the visually impaired community across the world. With many great projects, innovations and products we have endeavored to support the community to increase their independence when it comes to navigating through new environments, no matter if it is an airport or a weekend event.