Rainer Wolfsberger CEO
Rainer Wolfsberger
Old School Funk is what gets the feet tapping
Bernd Gruber
Bernd Gruber
CEO indoo.rs Inc. & Co-Founder
Hip Hop keeps my spirit level
Ronald Berger
CTO by day, Grill Master by night
Markus Krainz
Might have funded half of the Kickstarter campaigns
Thomas Burgess
You try to juggle a Kalman filter!
Nicola Höllbacher
Office Manager
I need the sun to function
Nick Stein Nick Stein
Nick Stein
Head of Marketing
Sports is a serious business, the rest is just life
Silvia Pichler Silvia Pichler
Silvia Pichler
Marketing Manager
Feed the soul
Reinhard Müllner
I found these in the fridge
Marko Mlinaric
Researcher & Data Specialist
Boxian Dong
Download my playlist
Matthew Cloy
Head of Web
I pressed the trigger and a mic came out on the other side
Michael Schöndorfer
Head of Mobile
Sweater off...game time
Nikolay Kushin
Software Developer
I swear it was a pigeon
fadi Selim
Software Developer
The bush makes the shirt change color
Matej Krejci indoo.rs developer Matej Krejci indoo.rs developer
Matej Krejci
Software Developer
Taking off Beacons is risky work. Safety first!
Florian Leiler
Head of Sales
I hate it when they serve to my forehand
Florian Freitag
Project Manager
I like my showers dry
Max Spilcke-Liss
Project Manager
Making the team look pretty...good
Paras Sood
Project Engineer
Just a little hot sauce and I'll eat anything