It is SLAM time – The SLAM Engine™ is here

Silvia Pichler, 

Image Credit: N. Karim

The future of Indoor Mapping

The time we have all been waiting for has finally come, has recently launched their SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) Engine™ technology, which will revolutionize the process of mapping a building. We already introduced you to this innovation a while ago in our blogpost SLAM is here and now it is available to everyone.

Previous way of mapping a building

Before SLAM, a lot of manual effort and time had to be spent on recording fingerprints in buildings to create an electronic map. Take a look at the picture below for direct comparison between the old fingerprinting method and SLAM.


indoo.rs_SLAM_Engine (1)


You will immediately notice the great time reduction when using SLAM. Whereas it took two people two whole days to create the map on the left, the one on the right, using SLAM, was generated in one hour only, by one person! The most amazing part about it is, that the quality of the measurement points taken is only minimally different. The accuracy is visualized by colour on a scale ranging from blue (0) to red (10). The blue area signals very good accuracy (0 being perfectly accurate).

Where you see the less accurate areas on the SLAM Engine recordings, they are able to be cleared up quickly with a just another walk through.

The SLAM Engine revolution-how does it work?

Basically the manual work has been more or less eliminated. All you need to do is walk at a regular pace through the building, making a ground truth whenever you change directions the rest is then taken care of by the SLAM Engine smart algorithm.

In doing so, the map is generated automatically from the radio data and therefore contributing significantly to the improved efficiency of the mapping process.

This improvement removes three of the most difficult barriers to implementing an indoor positioning and navigation solution:

  • Time
  • Cost
  • Expertize


The time and cost benefits are obvious, but the expertize benefit is that the measuring now corrects mistakes in the fingerprinting/mapping making the initial measurements are now much easier to take.

SLAM Engine in a nutshell

For details on how to do recordings please check out the Recording (Used for SLAM and debugging) section.
Once you are done with recording you can create a SLAM Request over with your API key and building ID so we can generate the map for you.

Here is a great podcast from LBMA with more information about SLAM Engine
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If, against all odds, you haven’t seen our video on SLAM yet, watch it now:

Remember this is just phase one in the SLAM revolution, the next is SLAM Crowd Engine™ and this will take the maintenance to another level!