The time to SLAM a building has come

Nick Stein, 

What is SLAM?

SLAM in the computer science world is Simultaneous location and mapping. This means tackling the problem of creating or updating a map quickly and accurately.

How will SLAM Engine™ change the navigation game?

By increasing the speed and accuracy of map creation on the fly, this will speed up the overall adoption of indoor mapping. On average the measuring speeds have increase to 10 – 20x faster and a measurement can be done on one clean walk through.
The maps will also be kept as up to date as the last person to have walked through the area with a smartphone, as the data is crowd sourced.
The errors that can occur during manual fingerprinting, of both iBeacons and wifi, are reduced by up to 50%, which further increase the advantage we have over our competitors.
Back to the crowd sourced data, the data is collected and tested many times over and then processed in the® cloud to make sure that the most accurate map is created.

SLAM Engine Step One Walk-through the building
SLAM Engine Step One
Walk-through the building


SLAM Engine Step Two Reference map is generated using SLAM engine
SLAM Engine Step Two
Reference map is
generated using SLAM engine


SLAM Engine Step Three Use the map (accuracy shown in meters)
SLAM Engine Step Three
Use the map (accuracy shown in meters)

Why is indoor navigation so important?

As we spend 90% of our life, it sounds a lot but it is likely that even Bear Grylls is at about 75%, the creation of an extra sensory level is a fantastic opportunity. You can have a look at the video of the implementation of in the San Francisco airport.
What makes indoor navigation stand out is that visually impaired people are not just pointed from A to B in the quickest time but also have their surroundings explained to them, so that they know if there is a restaurant to their left, or a power outlet to their right. This is just one of the many advantages of indoor navigation; visit our Solutions page where you are able to seem many more applications.

When can I get’ SLAM Engine?

SLAM will be available towards the end of 2015.

What are the future uses for SLAM Engine?

As this is a new technology the applications are endless and the power of the program. While it might not follow “Moore’s law”, we do expect that, because of the speed and accuracy of map creation, the implementation to grow almost exponentially.
We are already exploring many different uses for this technology and one of our most exciting is the Auto Parking solution.

The stages of SLAM Engine (fewer paths at a high quality)

  • Create your map profile, enter the location of where the radio mapping will take place, this includes, GPS coordinates of the building being mapped and floor plans of the area to be radio mapped.
  • Use the Mobile tool kit to create a seed reference map, with an initial walk through and a test walk through.
  • SLAM IT – upload the data to the cloud, where in as quick as 15 mins* the map will be created.

Crowd sourced maintenance (more paths at a lower quality, but when aggregated the end product is of very high quality)

  • Improves accuracy of the map,
  • Checks for moved/modified/missing beacons,
  • Adds any updates to the physical environment, and
  • Leads into the next phase of SLAM with high amounts of data to analyze.

Map maintenance is reduced to ~1% of the previous effort, with an increase in quality as well.

We will stop talking about it and you can watch the video to further understand how revolutionary this will be…

SLAM Engine video

*The 15 minute processing time is dependent upon the size of the map to be created.

TheNew SLAM Engine blog with all the new updates is now live