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Innovation through cooperation

Corporate firms and universities have a long and, more often than not, mutually beneficial history of working together. It’s not uncommon that the result of these research collaborations are the development of innovative solutions, which bring an added value to the company, the research students, as well as society in general. has always been supportive of and working with students, researching in the field of Indoor Positioning and Navigation. Some of these corporations have culminated in  interesting projects, some of which we’d like to show you below.

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Why we’re doing this

Research is at the core of and is constantly driving innovation, which is evident in the growing list of patents has. It is their valuable input that helps constantly improve and provide the accuracy and efficiency that we do today. As our research team does value working with smart minds from universities a lot, we’d like to give back a little, by providing this information and planning webinars exclusively directed at universities and students.

Check out our competition call to win a 12 month free license further down!


Projects with Universities/Students

Bavarian State Library

Equipping the Bavarian State Library with Indoor Navigation and Location Based Messaging was initiated by students of the Technical University Munich. It soon developed into a huge project and now the walls are able to talk.The listed halls of the vast library building are enriched with accurate Indoor Navigation, providing visitors with a modern tour guide and helping them find their way around instantly.

More info on the project


AudiblEye is the brainchild of Jerold Witt, who used our Indoor Navigation SDK to create an application for Visually Impaired and blind people. The idea was born while Jerrod was a sophomore at Bowling Green State University and could be put into action using the technology.  

More info on the project

Pilot factory TU Wien

The pilot factory is a joint project of the Vienna University of Technology, Zetes and Using the worker tracker solution inside the research laboratory of the university, robots, simulating factory workers, are being tracked in real-time and their positions are shown on a map in the backend.
More info on the project Back-to-school competition

FREE license universities

To participate, send a video explaining your project idea and why you should win the license to [email protected]. The best video with the most original actionable project idea will win! Make sure to send us your ideas via your university email-address.

*This competition is open exclusively to universities and active students until October 31st 2017. Sending your application from a non-university related email-address will not qualify you for the competition. Access to the free SDK is restricted to the owner of the applicant’s email-address and valid for 12 months. The free license is for testing and non-commercial purposes only. Any legal action is precluded.




Please read through our guides and manuals. You can find them on

In order to implement Indoor Positioning inside a univerity building, you can calculate approximately 1 Beacon for an area of 70 sqm. For instructions on how to install the Beacons, please read our Beacon Guide.

Generally, works with every kind of Bluetooth LE Beacon. As we have along history of successful projects where we used Beacons, however, we can warmly recommend those. For instructions on how to install the Beacons, please read our Beacon Guide.

SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) is our technology innovation which helps automate and therefore speed up the mapping process and make Indoor Positioning scalable in the future. More information on:


Once you’ve taken recordings of your building, it is us who will enhance them with SLAM algorithms.


We are planning to do a live webinar on how universities and students can collaborate with our research department and our experiences so far. Stay tuned for updates on it! Never miss any news by SIGNING UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER