3.8.0 Release, the long wait is over!

Nick Stein, 

3.8.0 release – the Notes

Ok, so it was not really a long wait but even short waits can be worth it and like all our updates this does not disappoint. The update has a lot of technical aspects to it but the main point is that the SDK is better as are all of our products, thanks to 3.8.0 release.

The highlights

  • You can now cancel building download for Android and iOS.
  • The path snapping for predefined routes feature is introduced for Android and iOS. Bug with predefined routes In MMT, when deleting waypoint-Links we delete also waypoints.
  • Stabilization Filter interval changed from 8 to 3 seconds.
  • indoors.framework and IndoorsSurface.framework joined in a single instance of IndoorsSDK.framework.
  • Mobile toolkit vibrates when measuring fingerprints is finished in.
  • Show wheel of patience when calculating route on iOS Viewer.
  • Fixed an IOS bug with CacheManager on second opening.
  • We can build android and IOS products on teamcity.
  • You can now limit the location updates to snap to predefined routes even when not navigating and you can tweak the distance the dot is allowed to go astray!

Let’s have a look

Previously the path snapping function only worked when you requested a route and wanted to navigate to somewhere, now you can turn it on to work always. It only works in combination with the predefined routes (this was released as a feature with 3.7.0)

In addition, you can specify the snapping reach (so, the distance of the original position from any route after which the snapper will not drag it to the route but leave it as it is)

Here are a few screenshots to show off the process a bit more clearly: