Visiting the Valley

/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/androidhome_624_264.jpg at Silicon Valley

Visiting Silicon Valley is always a pleasure, but this visit held a few fantastic surprises as well. It’s becoming a second home, and it might be a first home for the team from next month. We opened our Silicon Valley office in Q3 this year, and we’ll be camping out there for the foreseeable future.

First things first: semiconductor and hardware partners. The reception we received from our friends in the hardware and chip sector was overwhelming. Indoor navigation is going on silicon within 3-years, and we had this confirmed by the level of discussion and engagement with everyone we met. Right now we are frantically swapping SDKs while our lawyers work overtime. More on this subject after Christmas.
One of the other highlights was the invitation by Google. The Google campus is awesome (‘Bring Your Puppy to Work Day!’ and vintage, stand-up video games in every corner… Galaga anyone?) But it’s always cool to have deep conversations with smart people, and Google has them in abundance. It also confirmed the value of what we have built. (ed. Hold on before you keep writing. Checking with lawyer… OK, were good. It’s not under NDA. Keep going). And Google was pretty clear: we’re better.

We’d also like to thank Oliver, Erik and the SpeedInvest team for making this happen, and letting us stay at their place on the beach!