indoor navigation for visually impaired

Nick Stein, 

PRESS RELEASE: Visually impaired indoor navigation

For immediate release
Visually impaired indoor navigation for the is now available worldwide.
VIENNA, AUSTRIA: GmbH is releasing a white label version of their app for any app developer or location to test, and use in an indoor environment.

The release of the Visually Impaired demo app will allow more locations and app developers to test and integrate indoor navigation for visually impaired people. This technology has been tried and tested in San Francisco International airport and also in multiple locations with the LowViz Guide in cooperation with MD Support based in the US.

The features available in this app include:

  • Presence detection and spatial awareness: The app will allow blind users to explore their surrounding and get information on Point of Interests, its direction and distance.
  • Assisted Navigation & routing: An orientation sound will guide visually impaired users from their current position to their desired destination.
  • Favorites: Set your favorite point of interest or destination (e.g. your departure gate) and always know where and how far the place is..
  • Offline availability: Even without internet connection all features are available to you.

With the fantastic reception from the visually impaired community to both the LowViz guide and the San Francisco app, we decided to release a white label version. The idea is to remove as many barriers as possible for locations, events, and app developers to offer navigation solutions for visually impaired users

– Rainer Wolfsberger, CEO

The app is only available in the App Store

This has been released only on iOS at the moment as this is the platform with the best integration of voice commands that help the visually impaired community to navigate freely through an unfamiliar environment.