Visually impaired navigation app – MD Support launches LowViz Guide

Nick Stein, 

LowViz Guide for Visually Impaired Navigation

LowViz Guide (Visually impaired navigation app) is the first and only system custom made for installation at conferences and seminars.

We are proud to announce that the LowViz Guide iPhone app is now available. This was a cooperation between and MDsupport to help visually impaired people navigate indoor events more easily.

MDsupport is a community that “offers free information and personal assistance for people dealing with macular degeneration and similar retinal diseases.” LowViz Guide is the newest in the organization’s impressive list of outreach projects.

The opportunity to work on the LowViz Guide app came about when Dan Roberts contacted us to commission a white label app to help people with macular degeneration, retinal diseases or otherwise visually impaired people navigate new environments. He had previewed our previous work with the San Francisco International Airport and wanted to work with us to offer more for the visually impaired community.

“This has been the most ambitious and far-reaching project in our 20-year history,” said Roberts. “The outstanding team has been able to deliver an app that is sure to help countless low vision people to match the navigation skills of their sighted counterparts.”

LowViz guide feature overview

  • Get only the information that you want by personalizing when, how and how much information you receive
  • Search Points of Interest and get directions directly to them
  • Metric and imperial measurement settings

and many more, all designed to take the stress out of navigating through often confusing conference venues.

What the app looks like

LowViz-Guide-indoor-navigation new1
This shows the range/distance
This show the selection view
This show the selection view

The app can be used either visually or through routing-by-voice via the smart phone’s accessibility feature. To make it easier to understand the information, we have created a way to make sure the signals do not overlap.

The tech behind is a thing of beauty. Of course we would say that, but it really is.
The user opens the app, which is using the magic sauce and interacting with the iBeacons to get from A to B the quickest way possible, it all sounds simple but there is a lot of technology behind the scenes making everything run smoothly.

A big thank you

For the opportunity to work on such a worthwhile project, we would like to thank the great team at MDSupport and for delivering what we hope will change many people’s lives for the better, the technical team at and the app developer as well.

Dan Roberts reports that

MD Support recently launched the LowViz Guide at the National ADA Conference in Atlanta. Thanks to the constant encouragement and support from the team, it was a huge success. Five more conventions are already scheduled to receive this exciting technology in the coming months.

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